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We Love Coconut! Grilled Coconut Chicken with Broccoli

A couple months back, the Classy Fit Team hosted a cooking class that focused on preparing clean meats and sides that could be prepped and created into several different types of dishes throughout the week.  By leaving your core macro ingredients mildly flavored, you leave the window open to add a pop of flavor or fulfill a carving later and with ease.

For this recipe, I steamed a large bag of broccoli that I purchased at Costco.  Steaming your veggies leaves a majority of the nutrients as well as creates a canvas to carry a flavor or act as the supporting role for the main dish.  In this case, I used the broccoli to complement a grilled chicken breast.

Alone that sounds delicious, who doesn’t love chicken and broccoli?  But I stepped it up a notch by creating a clean creamy coconut sauce to toss the duo in.  I then add some crushed red pepper and cashews to give it some texture and a little extra flare!

Grilled Coconut Chicken
coconut chicken and broccoli


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