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Patti’s 6- Mon Transformation

Meet my client Patti– When Patti first came to me it was NOT her intention to do a show– she just wanted to feel good about herself- she wanted to transform her body!! Well she did that and more!

“A short 6 months ago, I set a goal to lose between 15-20 pounds. Never imagined I would be down 35!!! I could not have done this without Sandi’s help! She has helped me work through some SERIOUS food struggles! I honestly believe no one else could have gotten me through this! Sandi, I really cannot thank you enough for everything! You’ve been there every second of this journey, I’m definitely going to keep her around.”
“My first bikini competition has come and gone in the blink of an eye. I didn’t bring home any trophies but I made a HUGE body transformation, had fun and made some lovely new friends along the way!!! #teamclassyfit now has my heart along with my very special and amazing coach Sandi Townsend Ifbb Pro. She isn’t just a trainer who writes a meal plan and sends you on your way, she’s there 100%!! Your meal and workout plans are custom, made only for you! I’ve never felt more comfortable or happy in my own skin- in 6 months!!! Here’s to the future and planning my next show!”- Patti R

For many of my clients the goal is not just to “look good” its more about feeling good, feeling confident and comfortable in their bodies! In 6 months you can change your mindset and change your relationship with food!