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Rebecca’s Transformation Journey

I am the the proud mom three amazing kids. My life changed dramatically when I had a baby boy with special needs. I knew he was going to need extra care as he developed so I changed my life and career around his care. As he grew, he went through so much. He had multiple surgeries and reconstructions of his hands and feet. He endured brain scans and spinal taps within the first two weeks of life. We were concerned whether or not he was going to survive the first two years of life. I became a daycare provider to care for my children and for the care of other families so he would have somewhat a normal childhood full of happy, colorful memories. Through all of this, he remained that smiling baby boy out to prove all the doctors wrong. He learned to read at 18 months of age and grew up so happy, HEALTHY AND FULL OF LIFE. As he headed into Jr High things started to change. He was quiet and started to wonder off away from our home at any given moment. I became worried about him and his social development around the age of 8 or 9 and that’s when he was diagnosed with Autism. This totally shocked my husband and I because he had reading, math, and spelling levels that exceeded high school levels. My fitness journey started the day my son tried to commit suicide. Life had gotten so hard for him socially that he couldn’t find a reason to live anymore. The little boy that I knew how to connect with drifted into his own world. He couldn’t communicate what was wrong and disconnected from our life together. My husband and I had our lives completely turn upside down in a moment, and we were living a constant crisis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week trying to keep our family and careers afloat while trying to give him every reason to live. We started to realize that he wanted to connect with others in this cold harsh world, no matter how we interacted with him, we couldn’t make his peers like or want to spend time with him. We as parents lost ourselves in trying to take care of him and also give a life to our other children that sacrificed so much of their innocent childhood as well. The gym became my lifeline to keep my mental status healthy. I learned through listening to my son’s therapists that exercise was the best way to handle all that stress and anxiety. One day my husband jumped out of bed and said “I can’t live this way anymore! I’m going to the gym”. After watching him go a few times, I put on some gym shorts and decided to join him. Since that day, I haven’t stopped. Things all around our lives started to fall back into place and I started to desire something for me. I started to want to create a healthy mind and body so I sought out to get into shape. I found books that trainers wrote to get into shape with diet and workout plans applied those to my life and lost 55 lbs. it wasn’t until I saw a body building competition to support a friend that I thought I can do this. Her transformation was so incredible that I thought “I could do this!!” So I met her trainer, Sandi Townsend and read her mission statement and fell in love with her outlook. There was something contagious about her attitude. Her clients all had amazing results that I trial felt she was a great fit for my new fitness goals. I wanted to achieve an athletic physique and she was going to be able to help me achieve that. At 14 weeks out from the Oct 1st Colorado open I decided to hire her as a trainer! I just jumped into it! I decided to to cross the line and leave my comfort zone and put myself out there. 14 weeks of amazing workouts and dialing in nutritional programs I built an amazing physique. Everywhere I went I would get compliments on how young I looked. How can I be the mother of a 19 year old or three teenagers for that matter. At the Colo open I received 4 awards, 2 second place and 2 4th place awards! My dreams were coming alive!! Never could I have imagined this kind of success as I head into the age of 43.

With Sandi I lost that final weight, went from 138 down to 116. I we from a size 8 down to a size 0

14593674_10210929634579218_1169182340_nUpdate on Rebecca! Rebecca has is still working with team ClassyFit and had been using IsAgenix products now throughout her prep with the direction of her coach. Rebecca recently earned her PRO status in the NSL and is looking forward to helping, motivating, and inspiring others to do the same!

Rebecca’s PRO win- July 2017