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Wendy’s Story of Recovery

Wendy’s Body, Mind, and Soul Transformation

Eating Disorders can take on many different forms and present themselves in different ways. I am a firm believer that almost every American female suffers with “disordered eating” of some sort; NOT a diagnosable eating disorder but- disordered eating. I am also a firm believer that almost every American female struggles with body image, their relationship with food, and the scale.

Today I want to share Wendy’s story with you. Wendy came to me about a year ago struggling with Bulimia. As we started working together we decided that we were NOT going to use a scale to gage her progress’ as the scale only brought about anxiety. Wendy’s goal was to compete, reduce symptoms of her disorder, and find a healthy relationship with food. I told Wendy from the beginning that is she used symptoms show prep would NOT be an option as her health was my number 1 priority!

Early on in her journey we discussed the LIES that her disorder had told her. Using symptoms tore down her muscle, and increased inflammation in her body which lead to a distended belly and unhealthy body image. Wendy began a weight training program with me and a nutrition program, which included 6 smaller more frequent meals per day.

Fairly early on in her transformation and reduction of symptoms we noticed a change to her mid-section (see pic below)


As her coach I noticed the mental switch go off for her as well! She started to believe in herself and appreciate what her body could do for her. Recovery is by NO means perfect and there were struggles for her, just as there are for any lady fighting through recover. As a recovered Anorexic myself I firmly believe that you never get “rid” of an eating disorder but you do learn to stand up against it and become symptom free over time.

As Wendy began to stand up to her disorder she also began to see her body transform! Again she never stepped FOOT on the scale- NOT once! I made all her nutritional and weight program adjustments based off her weekly check-ins and pictures.

You see when you start to change your body composition (meaning increase your lean body mass- muscle and decrease your body fat %) the scale number may even go UP rather then down. BUT who cares if your body looks better what dose the number mean anyway right?!

I know many ladies that weight check several times a day or daily- I urge you to stop this unhealthy habit. The average lady can fluctuate as much as 3-5lbs throughout the day depending on water intake and foods, as well as hormonal fluctuations. If you are a slave to the scale I urge you to only weight check every two weeks or HELL toss the scale out! You don’t need it!

Wendy competed in her first show at the beginning of 2015 (pictured on the left) she then took an off season to continue to improve and we really focused on building lean muscle. Pictured on the right is her picture from this past weekend at her second show. She made some amazing changes to her body by adding lean muscle. Again we have never checked her weight and there is NO need to!


Of course competing may not be your goal- but loving yourself should certainly be a priority! I encourage anyone suffering with an Eating Disorder to talk to someone about it. Get the help you need to free yourself from the lies that an Eating Disorder has lead you to believe! Wendy is a walking example of what healthy recovery looks like. She is eating 6 meals per day, enjoying metabolic meals each week, and has a healthy relationship with exercise; and NO scale needed!

Wendy’s Plan:

*Full Nutrition program

*Cardiovascular program

*Weight training program

*Daily accountability check ins- early on, weekly check-ins, and emotional support.