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About the Team

Team Classy Fit/ CorFit was founded by Sandi and Derek Townsend. As a married couple raising triplets their goal was to create a team of men and women dedicated to raising fit families and maintain healthy house holds.

After earning her pro card and competing at the Olympia with the top 25 in the world- Sandi and Derek began running a show prep team of men and women; aiming to make show prep as healthy as possible. Learning from previous coaching styles and communication styles; both Sandi and Derek recognized the need for hands-on coaching and communication during the show prep process.

Sandi and Derek are also committed to helping those who are not interested in show prep but more interested in over all health and lifestyle changes. This is how the body transformation program came about. The body transformation program focuses more on the mental and physical challenges associated with healthy living. Many of today’s transformation clients came to the program with eating disorders, extreme health issues, specialized dietary needs or just looking to lose unhealthy body weight.

The most recent program developed is called Body After Baby. The catalyst for this program was Sandi’s own journey in regaining her health and strength following the birth of her triplets in 2007.

As busy parents and professionals Sandi and Derek understand the rigors of finding time for the gym and healthy eating- this is why all programs are customized for you and your families routine and time restraints. Many of our body transformation clients workout from home and have little time to develop meal plans for the family. This is why we created our FIT books to help take away the stress of food prep and healthy meal planning.

We are committed to helping our clients discover their personal strength and restore health. Health is more then just being fit—it means living with a healthy MIND, BODY and SOUL

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