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How to Stay on Track on Vacation

How to Stay on Track on Vacation I often have ladies reach out to me and say “I don’t want to sabotage my hard work and progress on vacation, but I do want to enjoy my vacation”! Can you really have the best of both worlds? The short answer is yes! But how you ask?… read more

Food Allergies

With increased food allergies and intolerances becoming more prevalent I thought I would write a blog about food allergies. My intent is to educate you, and share with you my experience with Celiac as well as some of the struggles my client’s face when dealing with extreme food allergies/intolerances. Those who are not educated or… read more


Lets talk artificial sweeteners. So I am just as guilty of using them as the next person. And I will admit there are a few items in my kitchen that I really like that contain artificial sweeteners and it will be hard to give them up. However, with recent research about the downside to using… read more

Surviving the Holiday’s

Hi there Classy Fit Subscribers and Friends! It’s the Holiday Season! This time of year can make health nuts like us anxious! What will we eat at holiday parties, will we be able to pass up every cookie were offered, will be stuff our faces until we feel sick and then regret it later— and… read more

Turkey Day Survival

Its almost Thanksgiving yippee – right?!?! Well for some of us surviving the Thanksgiving holiday is anxiety provoking. Why? All that food – all those sweets- all the pies, the cakes, the cookies and treats! This Thanksgiving is going to be different. Follow my TIPS for survival and see if you can make this holiday… read more

Body Composition/ Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders can take on many different forms and present themselves in different ways. I am a firm believer that almost every American female suffers with “disordered eating” of some sort; NOT a diagnosable eating disorder but- disordered eating. I am also a firm believer that almost every American female struggles with body image, their… read more

Baked Apple Oats

Fall is here, the air is crisp, the trees are changing color, and the seasonal foods are calling my name! Its make over Monday and I have been craving apple crips! Oh my gosh I can taste it now. But we all know the butter, and brown sugar is not the best for us. So… read more

Blog- Ideal Body Fat

Many ladies fret about their body fat percentage- but know little about what a healthy percentage looks like. The battle between scale and body fat is never ending and not understood! Many women focus so much on the digital number that pops up on their scale; however, this tells you very little about your overall… read more

STOP the Cravings!

Cravings! Yikes- I hate it when that “sudden” craving comes over me and I feel helpless! I want to satisfy it without sabotaging all my hard work. Below is a list of Craving Kickers that wont sabotage your hard work: For the sweet tooth craving that comes over you mid-afternoon and is making your life… read more

What kind of Eater are you?

What kind of Eater are you? What kind of eater are you? Silly question right? Well maybe not. We all seem to have an eating style that either sets us up for failure or success in our quest to be healthy and maintain healthy eating patterns. So “What kind of eater are you?” Lets dive… read more

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