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Workout Wednesday

Tank Top Shoulders

  SINGLE SET: Seated military press 3×10-12 SUPERSET: 1. Front raises w/ DB 2. Lateral Raises w/ DB   3×10 3×10 SUPERSET: 1. Shoulder shrugs w/ DB 2. Upright rows on Smith   4×10 4×10-12 SINGLE SET: Shoulder press machine   3×10 Time to build those tank top shoulders! Try this shoulder circuit 2x per… read more

Traveling Workout

We have all been on a work trip or vacation with no access to a gym or fitness equipment. But you don’t need much to accomplish a burn! This easy workout can be done in a small hotel room or at a park. No tools necessary just you – your head phones and my easy to… read more


As a Classy Fit subscriber ever Wednesday you will receive a NEW cardio or weight training program for you to try! Before joining Team Classy Fit women spend hours doing mindless cardio.Did you know that steady state cardio is far less productive then HIIT cardio? What is HIIT cardio you ask? HIIT stands for- High… read more

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