Counseling Through Nutrition

Nutrition as a whole is a lot more than eating the proper foods and fueling yourself it’s also fueling your mental health. As a professional in this industry, it is very important for me to help my clients with every channel they want to improve. A lot of times mental health is more important than any other channel we are working with. Through my counseling services, I want to help you get onto your road to success.

About My Mental Journey

I used to be ashamed to admit that I personally struggled as bad as I did with Anorexia. My disorder destroyed things in my life and held me back in so many ways. My disorder crippled me for years and the crazy thing is I didn’t even realize it was as bad as it was until I began treatment. I was slowly destroying my body for a piece of mind I never found.

Struggling for years myself is what lead me to go back to school and earn my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family therapy specializing in Eating disorders.  As I counsel other men and women who struggle I am reminded of how alone, defeated, and hopeless most clients feel!


I first contacted Team Classy Fit / Sandi Townsend MFT to help aid in my struggle with bulimia/anorexia, I’m proud to say that I’m going on 5 years of recovery. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight, and at times the demons try to take me back down that road.

Its stated one will always struggle with food once diagnosed with an eating disorder, and the relapse rate is the highest of any mental health disorder.
Sandi came to me about a month ago asking if I’d be interested in joining a private Face-book Group which she facilitated that included other team members much like myself who struggle with eating disorders.
Since joining the group we have all come together to help one another take control of the struggles we face. We share stories, experiences, share tips, and help motivate each other to fightback!
We share motivational courage to stand up to that voice inside that brings us down, and most important when we need to contact someone who understands we have a constant support group that’s just a click away. I always feel I am one message away from the support I need to end a binge, stop a purge, or prevent hurting myself emotionally or physically.
Not only has this group helped me but it has also allowed me to help others through sharing my own personal struggles and experiences. It’s gotten to a point where the members feel like my family; a family all encouraging each other in our quest to heal. This support group has changed my life, and I have gained life-long friends through this group.
The hardest part of battling any disorder is feeling that you are all alone and that NO one understand you—I am NOT all alone and there are several people who understand me!!!!! Just know that whatever addiction you are facing YOU too are not alone and there are millions of people out there who struggle just like you!

So many men and women struggle in silence; they overeat to fill a void, they binge to experience that moment of peace, they compulsively exercise to detach, they starve themselves because they want to be perfect, the suffer because they feel they are not worthy. If you are struggling, sick of letting food control your thoughts, and done being a victim please fill out the contact info and we will be in touch with you.


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