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Killer Cardio Workout

Cardio can be both our best friend and our worst enemy.  I know that I never walk away from a cardio session regretting my decision to get my sweat on, but it sure is hard to convince the body at five in the morning that getting on that machine, such as a treadmill, is a good idea!

With this being said, it is important to keep the body guessing and switch up the method of cardio exercise you choose.  When you use the same machine, complete the same program day in and day out for a long period of time, the body adapts and anticipates the amount of energy it will require to complete this workout.  In a sense, the body gets smart and figures out a way to use less energy more effectively for the amount of time you commit to the machine.  This results in a decrease in the amount of calories you will burn during each of these sessions.  In order to combat this, you have to keep the body guessing by incorporating different styles of cardio that require different muscles and push the cardiovascular system.

Below is one of my favorites that I try to incorporate into my week at least once.  You can adjust the speeds and incline to fit your needs, but try to work up to the listed numbers below.




Treadmill Workout 45 minutes

Time Speed Incline
5 minutes 3.5mph 10%
5 minutes 3.7mph 12%
5 minutes 4.0mph 15%
5 minutes 4.0mph 10%
Repeat Below 5 times
1 minute 4.0mph 0%
1 minute 6.0mph 0%
1 minute 8.0mph 0%
Tabata-Repeat 8 times
20 seconds 9mph 0%
10 seconds Stand
Cool Down
4 minutes 3mph 0%


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