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Holiday Survival

Holiday Survival


Holidays are fast approaching, the time of year to visit with family and friends enjoying all the great food and treats. All the turkey, stuffing, casseroles, honey baked ham, pies, cookies, and egg nog you could want. But… does the very sound of all this make you stressed? Are you on track to a healthier lifestyle? Does being healthy mean you can’t enjoy all the yummy food you’ve had during the holidays since you were a kid? The answer is NO! You can still enjoy holidays just like you always have, yep that’s right with these Fit Tips you can go to any get together and not feel as though you over ate.

Over eating is very common for anyone during this time of year… I myself have falling into eating a few bites to many during the holidays. Although last year I found what worked for me and got through Thanksgiving and Christmas without gaining that dreaded #5-#10 holiday weight… yes that’s totally a real thing. This year can be your year to control your over eating.

Check Out these 10 tips for NOT over eating during Holiday parties!!

#1. Start your day with going to the gym.

I understand if your hosting the holidays at your own home this could more challenging but who cant carve out an early AM workout. If you have an at-home cardio machine lucky you! If you don’t set your alarm a little extra early and hit the gym before the madness of the holiday begins!

Studies have shown you are less likely to over eat if you start your day with an intensity HIIT cardio session.

#2. Drink lots of water.

From the time you wake up start drinking water! Often hunger cues can be confused with thirst; this is true for any day not just holidays.

If you keep your water intake up all day you will be a little less likely to over eat. Drinking water alone won’t make you not eat that extra piece of pie but it will keep you more full throughout the day.

#3. Speaking of DRINKING…. Trade the alcohol, and fruit punch for water.

I know, I know…. We don’t want to skip the beer and alcohol but this is such a simple item to hold off on. Why drink your calories/carbs when you can eat them instead!?!? Haha substitute these drinks for water or even sparkling water! Check out the local store for flavored water and save the calories for the food!

#4. Eat your Breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner!

That’s right everybody! You need to eat throughout the day before and even after your main event. Never skip meals leading into a party or holiday celebration. If you go to an event that has a huge amount of food being hungry your setting yourself up for over eating before you even walk into the door! Breakfast is just as important during the holidays as it is every day. Make sure to eat a healthy breakfast prior to your main meal in order to prevent starvation leading to overeating.

#5. If you are too full to eat your next meal, you over ate.

It’s true!! On any other day when eating 6 small meals most likely in a few hours your stomach is ready to eat again. Holidays shouldn’t be much different. Of course your holiday meal will be more then your traditional every day plan but you should NOT eat to the point of complete discomfort.

Here’s a fun way to think about it!! Do you have room for dessert?? For myself I like to let my food settle after the main meal and have my next meal be a dessert.. This way I’m still enjoying dessert but I’m not including it into my main meal making the meal far too big and I’m stuffed!

Dessert tip: many times during the holidays there are several desserts and often we want to try them all- what I like to do is have a half slice of 1 of my favorite pies and then 1 other small treat such as a cookie or small slice of holiday cake. This way I get to have 2 of my favorites without over eating.

#6. Bring the VEGGIE TRAY!

If your asked to bring something to the party or event make a cute veggie tray with Greek yogurt dip! Its simple and a great snack for munching!

#7. Eat SLOW! And Choose wisely.

Silly right!?! But it’s Not it’s actually very helpful. We all want to enjoy this amazing home cooked meal right? So enjoy it a little more by eating at a slower pace. By eating slow I just mean taking a bite and fully chewing, and swallowing each bite before taking another. This of course is really spelling it out for you but think about it… do you always do this? Also choose what is in your main meal wisely… Focus on the protein, this should be the biggest portion of food on your plate. Than eat your veggies!! Cream corn and green bean casserole of course are not the healthiest veggie option but may still be a smarter option then four different carb filled portions. Next pick 2 carb items you wish to have. Last don’t over load your plate with the “extras.” Things like… crackers and cheese on chili, gravy and stuffing, butter, marshmallow and brown sugar on sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and whipped cream on pie can add up very quickly even though you grabbed small amounts of the main items.

#8. Stay Busy, bring something new to pass the time with friends and family.

What’s more fun than a crazy new board game to teach the family? Even bringing cards can be a great time and of course watching football is an option, unless your me and your lack of interest makes you just want to snack on food. The focus here is to find something to make you not think about food.

#9. Holiday parties are about the people around you NOT THE FOOD.

Although many gatherings the food is in the center of the party and everyone seems to stand around it to talk, this doesn’t mean your mind should be on it. Remember what holidays are all about in this moment and visiting with others you haven’t seen maybe since last year is the goal here. J I always think of it this way, when you get there try to visit with everyone who came. At least saying hi to everyone can take up a good amount of time that will keep your mind off of the food at the party.

#10. Eat Dessert! And Don’t Stress!

Often when we stress about not wanting to eat too much food we actually stress eat more. So enjoy yourself and think about these tips to help you a little. And eat that dessert you want in moderation!!

If you keep looking at the dessert table and telling yourself its unhealthy and you can’t have it, it’s only going to make you want it more. Go into the party knowing you’re going to hold enough room for that one piece of pie.

Sample Meal plan for Thanksgiving or Christmas

Meal 1: (AKA Breakfast): 4 egg whites + veggies +2oz avocado

Meal 2: (AKA Mid Morning Snack): Protein Shake

Meal 3: (Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner) – Remember to fill your plate with a healthy amount of protein (turkey, ham or roast beef) + 2 carb side dishes (this could be potatoes, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, dinner roll + a veggie (it may be green bean casserole or root veggies) – remember you want to chose wisely and only pick 2 main carb dishes to go with your protein! **remember to drink water as you eat and eat slow!

Meal 4: Dessert – refer to bullet point 5—and if you want more then 1 thing have a little of each!!

Meal 5: Left over turkey and veggies- avoid the carbs at this meal

Meal 6: Shake – if you are NOT hungry for this meal that is okay!

Happy Holidays from Classy Fit/Corfit!



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