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Meet the Trainers

Meet Coach Sandi Townsend

Sandi. an accomplished professional, mother and Sponsored IFFB Professional Athlete is dedicated to the pursuit of healthy eating and exercise, not just for competition but in all aspects of life.

Sandi has found great success both on and off the competitive stage. Sandi is an IFBB Bikini Pro who qualified and competed in the 2014 Olympia. Sandi has trained a host of ladies and gentlemen for local level and national level shows. Her team has been highly successful bring home several overall wins.

As a busy mom of triplets, Sandi balances her busy professional life with family by incorporating healthy habits in the kitchen and the gym.

As a certified therapist specializing in eating disorders, Sandi holds her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She prides herself on her ability to personalize each plan to the client’s needs and goals both nutritionally and physically. Sandi is also an NSL judge; judging athletes across the US in competitions.


Meet Coach Derek Townsend

Derek is an accomplished professional, NSL competitor, and judge. Derek has always had a passion for health, wellness, and sports.

Derek holds an Associate of Science degree, has served our country for 12 years through both military and contract work, and was a firefighter for eight years. Currently, Derek works in an orthopedic surgery center in Colorado Springs.








Meet Coach Amanda

Amanda started her fitness journey 60 pounds overweight. She is happily married, has three children, and a great nursing career, but was living an unhealthy lifestyle and wanted more for herself and her family. When she found Sandi and Classy Fit, she dedicated herself to the plan Sandi Townsend gave her and lost ALL 60 pounds she set out to lose in just one year. Through her transformation, she quickly learned that fitness and inspiring others was what she really wanted to pursue. With a background in dance and a degree in nursing, the knowledge of body mechanics required for posing became her true passion.

“If I can just inspire one person to change their life and make them feel they way I do when I hit the stage, I’ll be a happy woman.”

Today Amanda is Team Classy Fit’s official posing coach and looks forward to helping you reach your full potential on stage!


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