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Success Stories

Fit Couple Journey’s

Adam and Amanda’s journey began like most couples! They are busy parents to their 3 children and professionals. Balancing the healthy lifestyle with adulthood is never easy but when they came to Team CorFit for men/ Team ClassyFit for women they made it clear that their goal was to create a healthier family! Amanda –… read more

Courtney’s Fitness Story

Courtney began with Team Classy Fit with the goal of competing — together Courtney and coach Sandi developed the best nutritional approach and weight training program to help her reach her goals! Courtney placed in the top 3 in her first NPC show!… read more

Shelley’s Fitness Plan

Shelley began with Team Classy Fit after having her child and wanted to transform her body! Shelley then took her fitness journey to the next level and decided to compete in her first show! Shelley did amazing at her first show placing in the top 3!!!!  … read more

Bodies After Baby By Team Classy Fit

As a mother of triplets myself I understand the rigors of attempting to get your “body back” after a baby or two! Team ClassyFit’s Body after Baby program was developed to help new moms with easy, quick workouts that can be done in the home or gym; as well as easy meal plans to help… read more

Shayne’s Story

Shayne began with Team ClassyFit after she had competed in several other federations in her competition life. Shayne had the goal of stepping on stage- better then her last show and stronger mentally and physically! Below were Shayne’s first ever pictures to coach Sandi Throughout her time with Team Classy Fit Shayne competed several times… read more

Kyleen’s Fitness Story

From age 5 to age 29 I was overweight and lead an unhealthy lifestyle. 5 years ago I weighed over 200 lbs, not sure how much over because I stopped weighing myself after I hit 200. I am a single mother of 2 and have a high stress job of being a nurse. Rather than… read more

Mark’s Fitness Story

Mark came to Team CorFit over a year ago – with the goal of putting on some good size! Mark began his journey with us in the hopes of competing and becoming a better version of himself. Throughout his journey he has put on ALOT of muscle and worked up his cardiovascular conditioning to a… read more

Linnae Webb’s Fitness Story

Linnae began with Team Classy Fit with the goal of show prep in mind! When Linnae came to us she had recently had a baby and was looking to challenge herself both physically and mentally! She has competed in several federations and various shows and in July 2017 earned her pro card status in the… read more

Jennifer’s Transformation Story

Jennifer Ratliff’s Transformation story My name is Jennifer Ratliff. I’ve always struggled with body image and weight issues for as long as I can remember. My problem wasn’t so much that I didn’t want to work out but my nutrition wasn’t always on point. I yo-yo dieted my whole life, I wanted that quick fix,… read more

Wendy’s Fitness Story

Wendy has been a part of Classy Fit going on three years now. She started as a canceling client for an eating disorder she struggled with and wanted to begin a healthier lifestyle. Check out more about Wendy’s ED recovery story in the success story section of the main page. This is Wendy’s story in… read more

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