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Success Stories

Tania’s Fitness Journey

Tania began her journey with Team Classy Fit in hopes of transforming her physical health. Along the way she not only transformed physically but mentally as well! Tania decided to continue her journey and train for a show— Tania is taking her fitness journey to new levels by continuing to compete in hopes of reaching the… read more

Alishia’s Fitness Journey

Alishia began with Team Classy Fit’s body transformation program and began to transform her body so quickly she committed to a show prep plan! In just 4- months Alishia was able to transform her physical and mental health! Alishia is the proud mommy of 2 young boys and did not let the fact that she… read more

Colton’s Fitness Journey

November 13th I joined the Air Force extremely out of shape and not at a healthy weight. I decided to change my life and began working out to become the best version of myself I could be! This was and still is the hardest challenge I’ve ever done because NO one can do it for… read more

Rebecca’s Transformation Journey

I am the the proud mom three amazing kids. My life changed dramatically when I had a baby boy with special needs. I knew he was going to need extra care as he developed so I changed my life and career around his care. As he grew, he went through so much. He had multiple… read more

Elsa’s Body Transformation Journey

I’ve always had weight issues as long as I can remember. I guess my problem wasn’t so much that I didn’t want to work out but nutrition has always been my downfall. I would get in good habits but would always end up back into my old ways. The last 5 years have particularly been… read more

Patti’s 6- Mon Transformation

Meet my client Patti– When Patti first came to me it was NOT her intention to do a show– she just wanted to feel good about herself- she wanted to transform her body!! Well she did that and more! “A short 6 months ago, I set a goal to lose between 15-20 pounds. Never imagined… read more

Wendy’s Story of Recovery

Wendy’s Body, Mind, and Soul Transformation Eating Disorders can take on many different forms and present themselves in different ways. I am a firm believer that almost every American female suffers with “disordered eating” of some sort; NOT a diagnosable eating disorder but- disordered eating. I am also a firm believer that almost every American… read more

Kat’s Fitness Journey

Kat 6 Mon. Transformation/Show prep Journey About Kat: Kat came to Team Classy Fit with the goal of transforming her body to compete in an NPC show. Kat made remarkable changes in terms of her body composition (decreasing body fat, and increasing her lean body mass). Kat’s Plan *Full Nutrition Plan/ Peak Week and Water plan… read more

Brandon’s Fitness Journey

Brandon 3 Mon Show prep About Brandon: Brandon is a busy, single Dad who wanted to transform his body and get in shape to stand on stage in a physic show. Brandon worked extremely hard and pushed himself beyond his comfort zone to achieve an amazing look. Brandon’s Plan: *Full Nutrition plan *Cardiovascular plan *Strength… read more

Jenn’s Fitness Journey

Jenn 6 mon. Transformation About Jenn: Jenn came to Team Classy Fit with the goal of show prep, but also to learn to develop a healthier relationship with food. Jenn took stage and finished with a top 5 placing in her first ever NPC show. Jenn’s plan: *Full Nutrition Plan *Cardiovascular Plan *Strength Training Plan… read more

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