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Success Stories

Marie’s Fitness Journey

Marie 9 Mon. Body Transformation/ Show prep Journey About Maire: Marie came to Team Classy Fit with the goal of building lean muscle in order to compete in an NPC show. The first 3-4 months Marie and I focused on building lean body mass. After our 3-4 month building period we focused on leaning Marie… read more

Brittany’s Fitness Journey

Brittany 9-Mon Transformation About Brittany- Brittany came to Team Classy Fit with the goal of weight loss. Brittany and I worked to develop a plan that best fit her busy lifestyle. Brittany made remarkable changes during her 9 mon. transformation. Brittany’s story is similar to many ladies in that when she came to me she… read more

Amanda’s Fitness Journey

Amanda 6-Mon Transformation About Amanda: Amanda is a mom who came to me in hopes of changing her body and relationship with food. Amanda started with a traditional meal plan and moved to a MACRO based meal plan. As you can see from Amanda’s before/after’s this lady has completely transformed her body in terms of composition… read more

Erica’s Fitness Journey

Erica 6- Month Transformation Client About Erica-Erica came to Team Classy Fit with the goal of body transformation. She wanted to increase lean body mass (Muscle) and get that tone, lean look. Erica’s Plan: *Full Nutrition Plan *Cardiovascular Plan *Strength Training Plan *Bi-weekly check-ins    … read more

Megan’s Fitness Journey

Megan 3 Mon. Show prep Journey About Megan: Megan came to Team Classy Fit with the goal of transforming her body to compete in an NPC show. Megan made a remarkable transformation and took home an overall win on the NPC stage! Megan’s Plan *Full Nutrition Plan/ Peak Week and Water plan for show *Full… read more

Kara Fitness Journey

Kara About Kara: started her journey at 230lbs and came to Team Classy Fit with the goal of changing her life both physically and mentally. Kara has been with the team for going on two years now and continues to make changes to her body. Many people come to the team with the goal of… read more

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