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Traveling Fit

Traveling Fit

Have a trip you’ve been waiting to go on? Worried about your diet? Don’t know where you’re going to workout? Unsure what you can and can’t travel with?

So we all know that traveling while on a training and/or diet plan can be stressfully and even cause us to get a little off track, but this doesn’t have to happen anymore!

Here’s my Fit Tips for staying fit on any road trip or even a flight to a short or long vacation. These are tips I’ve used personally as I go on random trips even with short notice. Some trips of which have been during prep for shows (even during peak week!) For those of us who already prep our meals for the week ahead these tips are just the same, traveling isn’t as hard as you may think. Although even if you’ve never prepped a meal before these are still great and easy tips to follow. So I’ll start with the basics in the form of a grocery list. Being prepared always makes traveling less stressful. So grab this grocery list and head to the store!

Grocery List

Tuna Packets (seriously the easiest travel food)

Protein Bars, Quest is my go to

Beef Jerky

Oatmeal Packets

Cream of Wheat Packets

Protein Powder DON’T forget blender bottles

Water Bottles

Plastic Baggies

Unopened Almond Milk (not already refrigerated)


Peanuts & Almonds (servings in baggies)

Or 100 calorie packs

Brown Rice (serving size packets)

Quest Chips

Bolthouse Dressing

Lenny & Larry’s Cookies/Muffins/Brownies

Flapjacked pancake mix

Flapjacked muffins

Cold Items (if a cooler is an option)

Greek yogurt


Prepped/Cooked­­­­­­­­­­­­ chicken, fish, turkey

100 calorie Cottage cheese

Holy guacamole packets

Yup that’s right stores make travel easy and you can get serving sized packets of so many things. The most important thing to remember is not to stress the little things when you’re about to travel so 100 calorie snack packs and planning ahead will keep the stress level down . Remember anything you want to heat like rice and portions of chicken you may have packed is easy as most gas stations have microwaves and don’t be afraid to ask, that’s what they are there for.  Cold items on a road trip are a little easier than on a plane but fear not! When packing for the road use ice packs and a hard sided cooler will help to keep all items colder than a soft sided. When on a plane use frozen peas, corn ext. as your ice pack as these items WILL get through security! Items such as a jar of peanut butter/honey/yogurt/cottage cheese/guacamole/dressings/almond milk/ will get taken in a carry on. I have found many of these items in shops after security if you’re in need of them right away. Or if it’s an option to shop during your trip don’t be afraid to! Also remember NOT to have water in your blender bottles.

Once you have everything you need form your grocery list and you’re all packed for your trip use your plastic baggies to sort everything into each meal for each day. LABEL everything (meal 1, meal 2, snack, lunch, dinner) Cook your meat of choice if you’re able to bring cooked meat and also baggie/label. SOO simple right? Plan out how many meals in total you will need during your travels, this is huge, and you’re less likely to grab gas station food when you have all the meals you need already packed. If you don’t have meal 2 for day 3 and you scramble to the gas station for something you’re putting yourself in a situation to grab what you’re craving instead of a quick healthy protein bar. If you’re eating 3-6 meals each day and you know you’ll usually go out for dinner pack meals accordingly. When traveling most of us want to enjoy our favorite foods at our favorite places, if you’re struggling with this remember you don’t have to go to every place. Doing so will only leave you feeling uncomfortable about all the “bad” food you ate. Vacations are about enjoying yourself so put a little less focus on the food and more on what you’re doing throughout your vacation. Think about what place or food you’ll enjoy most and treat yourself with it and eat your healthy meals you usually eat at home for all your other meals. For myself if I’m used to my protein shake and oatmeal in the mornings then when I’m away from home I stick to this same meal, its simple and easy on any travels too. As far as snacks things such as protein bars, protein cookies, and tuna packets can be taken anywhere so when vacation has you on the go you can just keep these items in your bag and never miss a meal. Occasionally lunch is a time to go out and visit with everyone or a great time to meet for coffee. My go to for any lunch on a vacation is SALAD! It’s simple, healthy, and everywhere you may go has at least a side salad on the menu. Don’t be afraid to be picky about what’s on your salad either, when on vacation it’s easy to just leave on the bacon bits and cheese but after the meal you’ll feel better if you’ve stuck to your goals and adjusted your salad accordingly. Dressing at new places can be a struggle, sticking to balsamic dressing is usually a safe way to go as long as it doesn’t say “creamy” in the name. If ranch is your vice do remember even a “fat free ranch” doesn’t mean if healthy. (Random fact about me that I learned from coach is carry bolthouse ranch in your purse) Seems silly right? Well sticking to my goals and looking silly to others is completely ok with me.

OH NO! DINNER! This always seems to be the tough one, it doesn’t have to be! YOU CAN EAT OUT! Often when you think about eating healthy you think all fast food and restaurants are out of the question but they don’t have to be. Remember lunch and getting that salad? Well dinner is no different. When on a road trip often McDonald’s was the go to stop growing up well guess what? They have a great grilled chicken southwest salad that I stop and get on road trips even now. When I order I simple request no tortilla strips, no cheese, and no dressing and now I have a great tasting salad on the go that even fits my plan. As far as eating a nicer dinner on vacation so many places now offer many great options. Texas Roadhouse will cook ANY chicken or steak dish as well as veggies with no butter. Perfect right? My go to at TRH is steak kabobs with a side salad, no cheese or dressing, with no butter fresh veggies and look a healthy meal at a restaurant is possible! Many places also have things such as turkey burgers, and simply asking for no bun and a lettuce wrap is an option. Options just like this are possible at many places; the trick is just knowing what you can and cannot eat and asking the questions to get the food cooked in a healthier way. These are just a few things to remember on your next trip, I hope these help to reduce the worry about leaving home and going out to eat.

By Sam- Assistant coach/Posing coach


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