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Black Berry Bars

Blackberry Bars

1 ¾ cup gluten free or whole wheat flour

1 ½ cup Quick oats

3/4 cup stevia in the raw

¼ cup brown sugar

1 tsp. baking powder

¼ tsp salt

3/4 cup coconut oil OR 1 cup Brummel & Brown REAL yogurt butter (see notes below on this product) T- slightly melted but not into a full liquid

1 jar blackberry jam- I used the all natural one found at Costco- you could also use a sugar free jam

1 cup mini unsweetened dark chocolate chips

1 cup crushed walnuts


To Make:

Pre heat oven to 350. Spray a large 10×14 cookie sheet with pam.

In a large bowl combine: flour, oats, sugar, and brown sugar. Using a fork mix it up a little. Add in baking powder and salt. Add in the butter- DO NOT melt it. Using a pastry butter mix the butter into the flour mixture. I eventually ended up using my hands to mix it all together- it should be very crumbly. Once it is combined add in the chopped nuts. Using hands press about ¾ of the mixture into the bottom of the pan to form a thin crust. Press it down well. Spread 1 16oz jar of jam over the top of the crust mixture. Then pour 1 cup chocolate chips over the top of the jam layer. Last sprinkle the remainder of the crumb mixture over the jam/chocolate. Bake at 350 for about 30 mins.

MAKES: 24 bars

MACROS: 145 cals/ 40g carb/ 3g protein/ 4.5g fiber/ 8g fat

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I have come to really like Brummel & Brown Real Yogurt butter and have used it in a lot of my baking. This recipe turns out better with the butter as oppose to coconut oil. If you look at the macros the fat in this product is mostly polyunsaturated, and this product contains NO carbohydrate.

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