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Recap NSL Denver Open || Results

The Full recap and results from the NSL Denver Open 4/1/2017

Thats a wrap!! Team Classy Fit and Team CorFit just finished the first show of the 2017 season, an amazing show put on by the NSL. (Nspire Sports League) This was the first NSL show that the team has entered and the over all experience was a great one. The team show cased of their hard work on stage as a great big family leaving that night with great success individually. The next show for the team is also in Denver on July 15th, 2017.

IMG_0562 The team took home not only great hardware but memories that will last a lifetime. Placings including top 5 finishes, national qualifications, and OVERALLS! Many team members started as transformation clients with NO intentions of stepping on stage, after their hard work and dedication to a healthier lifestyle they decided to do the show in many categories, such as the transformation division as well as beach and athletic divisions. As a coach I am extremely proud of the team as a whole for each and every members journey. My team shows their compassion for health, by being consistent in their transformations to competition level. I am excited to see where the rest of the 2017 season will take the team!!


Awards and Results are as follows:

Our girls in the Transformation division were Jennifer (left) and Mindy (right). These two ladies over came amazing transformations both physically and mentally. To see both of their stories visit the “Success Story” section of this site.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 5.33.57 PM

Our Figure Elite Girls are no stranger to the stage and have both competed before the ladies are a show case of dedication and hard work.IMG_0454IMG_0336IMG_0459 Britney took the stage in the Figure Elite division and took home 1st place and Overall Champion! You will see Britney again this July in the second NSL show coming to Denver. This show will be a mix of amateur and Pro… Britney will be chasing her Pro Card.
 Linnae competed in Figure Elite division and the Bikini Athletic division taking home 3rd place in Figure. Within the NSL this year competitors were able to compete in multiple divisions to see where their physics best fit. Linnea is working hard to bring her personal best to the July NSL show in the figure division.


Team CorFit competed in multiple divisions starting with Men’s Physique Beach Challenger.

Derek, Colton, Roger, Mark, and Nate.


Mark competed for the first time at this show taking home two 1st place awards in Beach Challenger and Beach Masters also a 3rd place award in Beach Elite. With his placings he is Nationally qualified and will also be back in July.




Nate was another CorFit competitor who competed for the first time taking home 2nd place in Men’s Physique Beach Challenger and 5th place in Beach Elite.
Pictured: Nate, far left and Colton, far right
Colton showing off his excitement for the stage took home 2nd place in Men’s Physique Beach Elite and with this placing he is now Nationally qualified for the Denver NSL show this July where he will be fighting for his Pro card.




Roger competed in his first show, also taking the stage with his wife Linnae. (also on Team Classy Fit) Roger took home a 4th place finish in Beach Elite and a 2nd place finish in Beach Masters.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 4.09.47 PM



Derek, our Corfit men’s coach and husband to Sandi, owner of Team Classy Fit competed in his first show in Men’s Physique Athletic Elite and Masters placing in both divisions with a 2nd place and a first place. Check out our YouTube channel (links below) with a video of Sandi congratulating Derek as he came off stage.


Pictures: Misty, Samantha, Sara, Alisha, and Shayne


Pictured: Lexi, Tania, Patti, Wendy, Debbie

Now time to showcase more of our Classy Fit BIKINI girls. These ladies all competed in either Bikini Beach and/or Bikini Athletic. Many of our girls come home with top 5 placings and will be seen on more of the NSL stages soon.


First up is Alisha! No stranger to the stage Alisha brought her best package yet to this show!! Her posing and bright smile lit up the stage!Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 12.12.46 PMMisty competed for the first time in this show taking after her Grandpa in the body building world she sure made him proud!! Misty is a natural on the stage and you’ll be seeing her again soon!!!


Our Bikini Beach Challenger Top 5 included 3 Classy Fit ladies. Sara 5th place, Lexi 4th place, and Samantha 1st place.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 12.23.48 PMIMG_0180

Sara competed in her second NSL show!! Having competed in last years Denver show she was excited to bring an even better package this year!! Sara competed in Bikini Beach Challenger placing 5th, Bikini Beach Elite, and Bikini Beach Tested, taking home 1st! This beautiful lady has the Drive to go far in this sport!! You will see Sara again in July!!

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 12.23.17 PM

Lexi, this lady competed in her 3rd show! She loves the sport and is determined to continue to advance to pro one day. Lexi is our Vegan competitor showing that you can build muscle as a vegan. Lexi competed in Bikini Beach Challenger and placed 4th!! She also competed in Bikini Beach Elite. You will see her in July.




Samantha, Our Assistant Coach and Posing Coach for Team Classy Fit competed in her 7th show! She is working to reach her Pro Card and will compete on the National level in July. Samantha competed in Bikini Beach and Bikini Athletic to see where her physic best fit into the NSL divisions. After Placing 1st in Beach Challenger and 1st in Beach Elite, taking the Overall in Beach she now knows thats where her physic belongs. Samantha also placed 2nd in Athletic Challenger and 5th in Athletic Elite.


Pictured: Debbie, Patti, Stephanie, Tania, Wendy, Jennifer

This is our Bikini Beach Masters ladies!! ALL CLASSY FIT!!

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 12.18.38 PM

Tania our Bikini Masters 1st place winner! This lady is as driven as it gets!! Her drive is a powerful one and she was rewarded for this with TWO 1st place finishes in Bikini Masters Beach and Bikini Masters Athletic!! No doubt you’ll be seeing her in July to chase down her Pro Card!!

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 12.09.40 PM

Wendy!! Taking the 2nd place spot in Bikini Beach Masters and 2nd place in Bikini Athletic Masters, her placings in this show gave her the push to want more! This was show number 1 for Wendy but you will now see her in July to chase down that 1st place spot!

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 12.03.51 PMIMG_0632

Our beautiful Patti, she has been with Classy Fit starting with body transformation and now into show prep. In the show she took home 3rd place hardware. After the show she decided she’s competing in July to improve that placement to 2nd!! Patti was also honored by the NSL in the “Shine Brighter” campaign!!




Stephanie Competed in her first show in Masters both Beach and Athletic divisions. Her placings were 4th in Beach and 3rd in Athletic. Stephanie was also honored by the NSL with being featured on the “Shine Brighter” campaign!!

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 12.11.28 PM


Debbie rounds out the Top 5 with her 5th place finish in Bikini Beach Masters!! Debbie is no stranger to the stage!!



Pictured: Debbie, Patti, Tania, Wendy, Stephanie, and Jennifer

A beautiful group of ladies it was an honor to coach into this show!! Congrats to our all Classy Fit Top 6!! The next group of ladies competed in the Athletic division, this division showcases a little more muscle!




Shayne took the Athletic division by storm!! Competing for the first time with the NSL this is the division for her! Taking home 1st in Bikini Atheltic Challenger as well as 1st in Bikini Athletic Elite and the Athletic Overall!! Her stage presence is unmatched and you will be seeing her again in the National level in July!



This is our Bikini Athletic Elite top 5. Shayne taking the Overall and Samantha placing 5th.


Pictured: Samantha Bikini Beach Overall, Sandi Townsend Coach, Shayne Bikini Athletic Overall Team Classy Fit took home 3 plates in this show for Overall Champion


Pictured: Stephanie, Tania, Wendy

Bikini Masters Athletic, Our ladies over 35 years. Top 3 ladies ALL Classy Fit!!! 3rd place Stephanie, 2nd place Wendy, and 1st place Tania.


17757188_2046667748893778_489469735972513612_n 17757409_2046697042224182_2108546586888278548_n



We would like to give a huge Thank you to Briana Wilmott Artistry for her amazing work on Make-up!! As well as Wendy for her Make-up work as well!


We would also like to Thank Belle Designs Inc for her amazing work on the Classy Fit girls suits!!


A great show for the Team all together!! Many will be competing again in July as well as newer Team members going into their first show!! Here’s to a great 2017 season!!

Check out more about the team and this show on our youtube channel! Links below are two videos from the April 1st show split into Round #1 and Round #2.



IMG_0581 2

And the amazing Coaches that make this all possible! Sandi Townsend and Derek Townsend!!


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