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Can Vegans build Muscle ??

Can Vegans show prep????? Can Vegans actually build muscle????

I have received several messages from Vegans and those looking to adopt a vegan lifestyle about how to transform a body and how to build lean muscle without meat protein sources. Can it be done- the short answer is YES; there are sever ways to get in protein without consuming meat products!

I’d like to share with you the journey of two of my clients who have prepped with me for shows on a vegan meal plan!


Kim has been a client of mine now for about 6 months- she came to me in hopes of building lean muscle to compete in an NPC show- and guess what that is what she did!!!! And she did it so well – she ended up winning 2 overall awards strictly vegan!

Lexi also came to be as a vegan dieter and we continued her ALL vegan meal plan prepping for her first NPC show. She placed 2nd in a large class at her first ever show and is currently training for show #2~



Don’t let a coach tell you you need meats to build lean muscle or you have to change your belief system in order to compete—you can train, build muscle, and transform your body on a Vegan meal plan! These ladies are proof!

For details on vegan body transformation or show prep programs message me her on my web page or shot me an email

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